In the heart of Yash Chawla's academic journey lies the fascinating juncture where innovation intertwines with education. As an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Innovation Management and a Member of Academia Iuvenum at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. he has found his calling in cultivating fresh ideas and inspiring transformative change.

Rooted in a diverse education background, Yash holds five academic degrees that encompass his multifaceted expertise. From a Ph.D. (with distinction award) in Management and Quality Sciences to a Master's in Renewable Energy Technology, a Master's in International Business, a Bachelor in Computer Applications, a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, his thirst for knowledge has shaped his journey, intertwining seamlessly with his professional trajectory.

With over twelve years of experience as an academician, trainer, and business consultant, Yash's reach extends across continents, spanning Europe, the UK, South Asia, and the Middle East. He has been actively involved in collaborative projects and assignments with universities and businesses, a journey that has touched the lives of over 100,000 students, educators, and professionals.

A hallmark of Yash’s contributions lies in his research, published in prestigious journals. His exploration spans sustainable development, circular economy, innovation diffusion, social media dynamics, energy markets and policies, business marketing, and consumer awareness & engagement. His research has found its home in respected publications, such as Journal of Business Research (JCR I.F. 11.3), International Journal of Consumer Studies (JCR I.F. 9.9), Energy Policy (JCR I.F. 9.0), Information Processing and Management (JCR I.F. 8.6), Telematics and Informatics (JCR I.F. 8.5), and Biomass and Bioenergy (JCR I.F. 6.0).

Yash's influence doesn't stop at exploration alone. He extends his expertise as a reviewer for esteemed journals, including Energy Policy, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Telematics and Informatics, Information Processing and Management, and Journal of Asian Public Policy. His role as an Assistant Editor at Operations Research and Decisions underscores his commitment to contributing to the scholarly discourse.

Currently leading the MoSAic project, which secured funding of 413,580 PLN from the National Science Centre of Poland under the SONATA grant scheme, Yash's dedication to driving change through innovative initiatives shines. Recently, as a part of consortium of European University, he is also coordinating the activities of the STEM for Humanities co-funded by European Union.

Beyond academia, Yash actively consults for the industry, guiding R&D Communications, Marketing Strategy, Product Innovation, and Sustainability. With a hand in three large-scale projects valued at a combined total of 25 million Euros, his impact extends across both business and research realms.

For those whose interests align, Yash extends an invitation to collaborate. Together, you can be part of shaping a future where the worlds of learning and innovation converge, creating ripples of positive change.