Prospective Topics for Dissertations

  • Who should have priority at zebra crossings, pedestrians or vehicles? Analysis from the lens of safety and sustainability
    • This topic aims to simulate various scenarios at an open (non-signaled) pedestrian crossing regarding priority, safety, and sustainability. It refers to management and policy decisions that are in line with sustainability.
  • Role of R&D communications in marketing an emerging tech company/startup
    • This topic aims at drawing a broader understanding of the importance of R&D Communications for marketing an emerging tech company or a startup. Due to the immense competition, the hypothesis is that an emerging tech company/startup would perform better with R&D communication as a part of its marketing strategy than without.
  • Marketing in the New Normal
    • This topic aims at analyzing marketing practices in the post-pandemic era. How have companies adapted their marketing practices? What are the new trends? What are the new tools being used?
  • Global Digital Spaces and their impact on businesses, society, and individuals
    • This topic aims at building a deeper understanding of the global digital spaces. Defining them better and understanding their impact on all stakeholders.


Students are welcome to propose their own topics in the area of Marketing Management, Innovation Management, Consumer Behaviour, Emerging Technologies, Policy Regulations, Circular Economy, Sustainability Management, and adjacent areas.