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10 points for a stronger LinkedIn profile!

To succeed in the competitive professional world, LinkedIn is an essential tool for networking. A strong profile with clear objectives, up-to-date information, true recommendations, and active participation can maximize its potential and enhance professional presence.

Motivated vs Self-Motivated: Which One Are You?

The blog explores the difference between being motivated by others and being self-motivated. Self-motivation is crucial for success, and by setting clear goals, breaking down large tasks, celebrating small wins, and surrounding oneself with positive people, individuals can develop self-motivation and achieve long-term success.

'I Lost the Award,' however, I am motivated to aim higher

This blog refers to the time after my Ph.D. Thesis was nominated for Polish Prime Minister's Award for Outstanding doctoral thesis. My expectations, doubts, the results, and what I learned through this phase.


Opinion Piece on Current Affairs

ChatGPT, Samsung Workers’ Error, Italian Connection, and Personal & Corporate Privacy: What you should know?

Privacy is a growing concern in the digital era, highlighted by the Samsung workers' error and ChatGPT's role in privacy breaches. This underscores the need for increased awareness and proactive measures to safeguard personal and business data. This blog will explore ChatGPT and the Samsung workers' error and provide tips for protecting data.



India’s Transformation at 75 with Emerging Technologies

This was a message I wrote for the souvenir of the International Seminar on Transformation of India @ 75 at St. Bede's College, Shimla, India. It covers the impact of emerging Technologies on Economic, Social, Political, and Technological transformation in India over the past 75 years of independence.