Ongoing dissertation

Master Theses

  1. Natalia Kosińska (expected completion: July 2024) Implementing Agile Management Practices in Regional Municipal Waste Processing Installations.
  2. Maciej Machnik (expected completion: July 2024) Management of Manufacturing Enterprises in Relation to the Circular Economy.
  3. Agata Marszałek (expected completion: July 2024) Strategic management framework for implementing sustainable solutions in Polish Waste Management Enterprises.
  4. Piotr Kędzierski (expected completion: July 2024) Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for the Optimization of Waste Management Processes in Municipal Enterprises.
  5. Sebastian Suwada (expected completion: July 2024) Deciphering Customer Personas in the Polish Tourism Sector: Machine Learning Based Marketing Insights for Mobile Application Development Companies.
  6. Jędrzej Cieślak (expected completion: July 2024) Assessing the Confluence of Sustainablity and Business Models in the Mobile App Development Industry in Poland: An Investigation into Company Strategies and User Perceptions.
  7. Katarzyna Stypczyc (expected completion: July 2024) Privacy policy compliance analysis using machine learning.


Bachelor Theses

  1. Oleksandra Bulakh (expected completion: July 2024) Digital marketing campaign during times of crisis: A case of United24.
  2. Jazan Skaikar (expected completion: July 2024) Product marketing in movies: a recommendation for a marketing manager at a Polish soft drink company.
  3. Julia Skoczek (expected completion: July 2024) Marketing in emerging sectors: recommendations for a space tourism company manager.