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Journal Publications

2023 (4), 2022 (1), 2021 (3), 2020 (5), 2019 (2)

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Book chapters

2024(1), 2023 (1), 2022(1), 2021 (0), 2020 (2)

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Conference papers

2024(2), 2023-2020 (0), 2019 (3), 2018 (1)

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Popular science and other articles

  1. Y Chawla (2022)New DNA of Innovation: from shallow tech to deep tech - Yash Chawla at MEMEX Poland 2022, ( read here)
  2. Y Chawla (2022)How can blockchain be used in different industries?, (read here)
  3. Y Chawla (2022)MLOps & AIOps - how DevOps influence AI/ML development, (read here)
  4. Y Chawla (2022)Embedded Artificial Intelligence for Business Purposes, (read here)


Forthcoming publications, submitted papers and work in progress

  1. Y Chawla (preparation)Virtual Personality Management, (Monograph), Routledge.
  2. PD Silveria, DX Brasil, Y Chawla (submitted) Instagram Posts or Stories? An empirical exploratory study of influencers’ impact on consumers’ decision-making process, (Research Paper).



  • Social media management for consumer awareness and acceptance of smart meters (2020) Department of Operational Research and Business Intelligence, Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Supervisor: Prof. G. Chodak, Aux. Supervisor: K. Ludwikowska.( read here)