Designing presentations

  1. 11 design tips for beautiful presentations by Katy French
  2. 8 tips for an awesome PowerPoint presentation by Damon Nofar
  3. 10 tips for making beautiful slideshow presentations by Edahn Small
  4. PowerPoint alternatives (including Prezi for animated, "non-linear" presentations) by Andrew Kunesh
  5. Uwagi Rafała Werona na temat "11 design tips for beautiful presentations" ... i kilku innych wzorcowych prezentacji

Designing science presentations

  1. Designing science presentations: A visual guide to figures, papers, slides, posters, and more (PDF, 41MB; 335 pages)
  2. Beamer: A versatile LaTeX class to create science presentations and slides
  3. Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes ... in Overleaf
  4. A sample science presentation (maybe not the best, but at least mine ;-)